Lathe Topics

Getting Started

Two of the very first videos I recorded before I had a real plan. Assembly and package options are covered.

Lathe 101

Terminology and Safety

Lathe 103

Tooling & Materials

Lathe 102

Alignment, Accuracy, and Capacity

Lathe 104

Machine Lubrication

10x – Lathe Introduction

In the 10x series of videos the very basics of terminology and practices will be shown for those who have not owned/operated a metal lathe previously.

11x – Basic Lathe Operations

A short series of videos on how to perform various basic metal cutting operations on the lathe. 

Lathe 110

Facing & Turning

Lathe 112

Boring Holes

Lathe 111

Facing & Turning Review plus Drilling

Lathe 113

Grooving & Parting Off

Lathe 120

Tool Holding Options

Lathe 122 Pt1

3-Jaw Concentric Chuck, Part 1

Lathe 123

Faceplate Basics

Lathe 125 Pt1

4-Jaw Independent Chuck, Part 1

Lathe 126

Work Holding with Collets

Lathe 121

Working Holding Intro, Safety, and Tool Force

Lathe 122 Pt2

3-Jaw Concentric Chuck, Part 2

Lathe 124

Centers and Drive Dog

Lathe 125 Part 2

4-Jaw Independent Chuck, Part 2

Lathe 127

Using a Steady Rest

12x & 13x – Lathe Work Holding

Several videos on different methods of holding & securing work as well as tooling in the lathe. These are key items to keep in mind for your safety and quality of work.

14x – Turning Tapers

There are a variety of methods to turn a taper on the lathe, and accurate alignment of precision tapers can be difficult. In this series we will address these topics in depth.

15x – Thread Making

20x – Increasing Accuracy