Mill Topics

Getting Started

My first few videos on the mill while I was just getting started myself in recording videos. Assembly and accessory packages are covered.

Sherline 2000 Mill Assembly

Sherline Mill Accessory Package

Part 2, Larger Accessories

Sherline Mill Accessory Package

Part 1, Smaller Accessories

Mill 101

Terminology & Safety

Mill 102 Part 2

Increasing alignment precision with a dial/test indicator.

Mill 102 Part 1

Rough alignment/tramming of the mill is shown in part 1.

10x – Mill Introduction

This first series focuses on terms, safety, adjustments, alignment, and other basic topics before beginning to cut any metal.

Mill Projects

I’m taking a different approach to talking about the mill then I did with the lathe videos. Instead of just showing you operations, then work-holding, and so on… I thought I’d demonstrate the techniques and principles we need to learn through actual projects. These projects will be focused on tools, parts, and upgrades for the mill itself primarily with perhaps some items built on the mill but intended for use on the lathe.

The very first series of videos will be focused more on skills & techniques while the projects will be fairly simple. Later these same techniques will be applied to more complex projects, more difficult operations, and additional smaller details to help build confidence and experience on the mill.

I hope you enjoy this approach, if the feedback is positive I may go back and take the same approach on the lathe at a later date.

Mill Project 101 – Strap Clamp

101 Part 1 - Introduction

Material selection, prep, and description of what we’re building.

101 Part 3 - Surfacing/Facing with End Mill

Surfacing or facing the 1/2″ wide side of the work piece using multiple passes with a 3/8″ wide end-mill.

101 Part 2 - Vise

Basics of mounting and using the vise along with parallels.

101 Part 4 - Surfacing/Facing with Flycutters